Monday, December 05, 2005

Spin Kite Leak

Looks like DC's spinmeisters may have over-reached themselves yesterday with that story about DD's forthcoming "humiliation".

Today we get a "clarification" from Camp Cameron. "A spokesman" now says:

"David Cameron very strongly disapproves of these backstage briefings. This is exactly the kind of behaviour that we have to get away from in modern politics. We do not even know if we have won yet. This has not come from us. What is in the Sunday papers is completely unauthorised."

The suggestion we are now fed is that it was all a bit of kite flying from Camp Doc, who naturally hate DD because he's from their own wing of the Party. Of course, DC's spokesman doesn't actually deny the story. He just wants to say that if it did come from Camp DC, it's a leak and definitely not spin. Because everybody knows DC doesn't spin.

But come on guys. We're not complete fools out here. We know all about spin-kite leaks. And deniability.

And most of all, we know about the foetid incestuous bond between politicos and the media that mires our politics in the oozing slime of....

Gaaaah! It must be time for my medication.


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