Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Moving On

Naturally we’re disappointed, but we’ll fully support David Cameron as our new leader. Loyalty is right and proper, and unless we can manage it, our party will never return to government. DC has won fair and square, and while we may challenge his policies, we will support the man.

So congratulations to him, and commiserations to DD.

Now we must move on. There's a mountain to climb, but if we are bold and work together, then whatever the doomsters say, we really can win in 2009. Or more likely, 2010, as disintegrating Labour clings on to the bitter end.

But it wouldn't be right if we losers didn't reflect on what we can learn from defeat. First, even in the telly age leaders just have to make good platform speeches. Right at the start we recognised this was a potential issue for DD, but set against his strengths we didn’t think it would be a showstopper. And without DC’s noteless tour de force it might not have been.

Second, excellent media relationships are not some optional bolt-on extra, but the very essence of modern campaigning. DC got a huge boost from that egregious Newsnight focus group, and the media spin on subsequent Conference speeches. But while we can complain about the Old Chums Connection, in reality it’s like complaining about the weather. You just have to deal with it- which DC has.

So we’ve learned- or perhaps more accurately, fully understood- that presentation and media management are absolutely vital. Let’s all hope that the skills which have been so effectively deployed in our leadership campaign can now be used to return the party to power.

We’ve also encountered something rather less comfortable. It’s whether Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral politics are at all suited to serious policy debate.

Because beyond a few totemic issues like Europe, it really does look as if all parties must crowd onto that sacred centre ground, all laying claim to the same current consensus. They can follow the consensus, but it’s unrealistic to expect them to lead. Which means that real policy change must be pursued outside the formal electoral arena.

We strongly believe in the Davis vision of “Opportunity Britain”- his agenda for boosting prosperity through lower taxes and deregulation, and tackling Britain’s social problems through radical public service reform and localism. He summarised it as using “traditional right-wing tools to achieve traditional left-wing objectives”. Despite our defeat, we will do what we can to see that agenda adopted by our new leader.

So good luck to David Cameron and his new team, and we hope to hear from you all at Burning Our Money (now with added blue Tory rosette!).


Blogger Dr H. Wallace said...

If you’re having difficulty convincing any of your friends of the legitimacy of David Davis’s stand, you should check out this excellent summary of the events surrounding his resignation. I believe the Patrick Stewart sounding voice at the beginning is from the 60s TV series The Prisoner – how chillingly clairvoyant. As an expat living in Spain, this rekindled my pride in the sort of British values David Davis represents. I just wonder whether it would be allowed in Britain. It would be sad to think that you have to come to the costas to get an objective view.


I hope Mr Davis himself gets the chance to hear it. As Stephen Ritson himself has said on air, Blair and Brown mistook Brave New World and 1984 not for warnings but for instruction manuals.

H Wallace (D.Phil, for what it’s worth), Costa Blanca, Spain.

11:27 PM  
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Blogger World Innovation Foundation Blog said...

The wrong man got the job.

Although I have respect for only a very few politicians per se, a striking thing for me that has come out of this dire situation is that one man should have been made prime minister in my mind and that is a certain David Davis. The reason why I say this is that he is not just a highly intelligent person but possesses that elusive and importantly lacking commodity in politics today of pure old common-sense. Most politicians based upon historical facts have not this vital asset and the reason why they get things so horribly wrong time and time again. Mr. Davis’s stance on Syria is just a single pointer to his credentials as Prime Minister Stock and where he thinks like the normal man or women in the streets – that typical individual described in common law who rides the Clapham Omnibus.

He hasn't bad business/work pedigree credentials either - read early life


Far better than the present incumbents.

Therefore he has his feet firmly on the ground, not just because of his convictions towards Syria, but down to the majority of things that I have read and heard from Mr. Davis over the last decade. Indeed his background and upbringing from a council house and his parent’s relative living standards of a working-class family environment (even living in a ‘slum’ in Wandsworth, London before securing a council house) have in my mind prepared him to be possibly one of the greatest Prime Ministers that this country could ever have if he was allowed to be so. Unfortunately in this respect the elitist mindset of the conservatives where one can see this clearly with the currently voted-in incumbents, will in the end in my humble opinion be the road to oblivion for the Conservative Party. For Cameron even if he is re-elected come 2015, will only last for no more than two years as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. Therefore if common-sense prevails and if the British people wish to see a prime minister that is truly for the people they need not look any further than David Davis. Indeed in this respect also if the Conservative Party have any acumen at all and thoughts for their Party’s successful future that is inextricably intertwined with their own long-term good, they should look no further either to appoint a working-class boy who knows what life is all about and will deliver the goods. An achievement that has been missing for two decades now and where it is time that this changed for the British people and their families.

Dr David Hill

Chief Executive

World Innovation Foundation

9:06 PM  
Blogger Ralph said...

It's time to wake up.
The Conservative party wants a new leader.
It can't be Theresa May.

11:21 PM  
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