Friday, December 02, 2005

Comeback King

It's set to be the biggest comeback since Elvis played Tranquility Base. The media are against him, the bookies are against him, and whole swathes of West London are against him.

But as Blogger For Davis James Hellyer reports, the man himself hasn't thrown in the towel. Standing toe to toe with DC in a frozen cattle pen way, way out West, DD obviously is still a hunk a hunk of burnin' conviction. As James says:

"My impression of the evening was that Davis was far stronger on policy issues, and on explaining how policies work, while Cameron was more skilled and easy in stage presentation. In the end the choice appears to come down to one between a man who knows what he wants and explain to us how he intends to get it, and a man who is more in touch with image led politics, but is far more vague about what he intends to do and how he intends to do it."

It's the King vs Alvin Stardust.


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