Monday, December 05, 2005

All-New Burning Our Money

And now, the end is near, and so DDFL faces the final curtain (well, in a couple of days anyway). Regrets, we've had a few...

But no more for that. No talk of wakes til we've actually heard the result.

On the day when Gordo finally fessed up to his egregious crimes against sound finance, the real news is that we're resuscitating Burning Our Money (Blogger version). Its mission- to boldly go into that giant conflagration of grandiosity, waste, and pork barrelling that is public spending. And to expose the schemers and dreamers responsible.

For is it not written:

"BRITAIN’S BIG GOVERNMENT POLITICOS spend 42% of our income, yet fail to deliver decent services. They promise prosperity, yet tax and regulate our economy into stasis. They talk up social justice, yet consign millions to welfare dependency.

Enough is enough. We the peasants demand our high-spending, high-living, irretrievably conflicted politicos come to heel."

With any luck we might even unearth some solutions.

And we'll certainly be pressing our new Party leadership to give the whole issue the priority it demands. We'll praise them when they do, and offer helpful commentary if they don't. Because unless we Tories take action, nobody will.

The first new post is on today's fiscal turning point. Hope to hear from you there.



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