Sunday, November 13, 2005

There's Still Time

With both William H and the Doc now declaring for DC, it's even clearer who the Party heirarchy are backing.

But, although the odds are most decidedly stacked against us, there's still time for us conviction peasants to make our voices heard. DD won't go down without a fight, and neither should we.

Today's Sunday Telegraph piece by DC should spur us on. It precisely exemplifies the policy-liteness that so concerns us:

"I believe we need a new style of politics: thoughtful, measured and moderate. I believe we need serious long-term policy thinking to tackle the challenges we face. And I believe that if you give people more freedom and opportunity, they and society will grow stronger. That's the kind of leadership I offer, and I'm confident it will return our Party to government."

Yes, well...

I'm sorry to keep on about the "Opposites Test", but just read the article again and try to imagine anyone saying the opposite of any of his statements. Brown, Kennedy, Clarke, Edward's all so anodyne as to be meaningless.

This is the time when those of us who still believe in those "timeless Tory principles" must make our voices heard.

Hopefully, DD can still win. But should he lose, we need the new management to be under no illusion that they can safely ignore us. The worst possible result for conviction politics would be a DC landslide.


Blogger DV said...

Whilst a Davis victory would be best for Conservative principles, I fear it will not happen. Fox and Hague have shown their own spinelessness and abandonment of principle in order to be seen to have backed the right horse.

A DC victory will be a victory for style over substance and will ensure that the Party swings leftwards, which is the liberal media's objective. Given that DC's only substantive pronouncement has been that he would downgrade the classification of Ecstasy, and that DD has manfully tried to show authentic policies, I feel that the Conservative sheeple that follow DC deserve all they will get. Blair lite vus Brown at the next election ? - pass the sickbag!!

2:22 PM  

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