Thursday, November 10, 2005

Substance Vs Style...Again

This is Pamela Parker. She is the...umm, brunette President of the Conservative Women's Organisation who took such strong exception to DD's assertion that blondes have more fun.

Except of course, that he said nothing like that...he was simply being polite to "natural" blonde Martha Kearney.

But no matter. This whole incident is just one more example of style over substance in our leadership contest. Having read some of Parker's articles, I would expect her to be very attracted to Davis both for his bold policy platform, and his substance. But it seems she's been turned off by a few lighthearted remarks and a couple of overenthusiastic DD supporters.

It's all very reminiscent of that spectacularly non-PC remark made by JM Keynes about investing: "Speculation is like being a judge in a beauty contest where the objective is not to pick the prettiest girl, but the girl the other judges pick." (I can't imagine what Pam would make of that). We must pick a leader who appeals not so much to us "core" judges, but those other "floating" judges.

The problem is, this ain't no beauty contest.

Our winner will have to do more than parade up and down the catwalk wiggling his bum and doing a few twirls. He's actually going to go into battle against the dark forces of New Labour and, yes, Jeremy Paxman.

Davis did both yesterday- superbly.

Cameron didn't.


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