Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Storm In A Thingie Cup

A favourite wheeze of the DC camp has been to paint DD as a mcp. Admittedly not helped by the fact that his wife once jokingly called him exactly that.

Hence the coverage of today's Woman's Hour session with the two Davids. The DC House Journal whoops:

'David Davis's attempts to woo the crucial petticoat vote came unstuck today... Mr Davis, who ruffled feathers earlier in his leadership campaign by boasting that he had never cooked a meal at home, expressed an immediate preference for blondes during the broadcast hustings. After a short pause the former SAS man added: "Having said wife's a brunette."

The "macho" comment was immediately branded as patronising by Pamela Parker, president of the Conservative Women's Organisation (CWO). "It's bad taste. He should have just said nothing," she said.'

Hmm. Mrs T and I actually heard the session. Our reaction was that both Davids came out of it well- a good party political, in fact. But it was classic lightweight BBC- eg they test marketed the two on the basis of their photos alone to a group of young mums. And the "blonde" question was part of a jokey sequence- including one, pants- clearly intended to end the session with a few laughs. It might have been that public service broadcasting thing.

So what is the deal with Pamela Parker and the Times? Should DD have said "How dare you ask me a disgraceful sexist question of that nature. I refuse to engage in coiffureal stereotyping."

Talk sense will ya.


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