Friday, November 25, 2005

Still In Our Hands

With the Sun and the Telegraph both today declaring for DC, we Tories must stand firm.

Because as we've said many times before, the media are never more than fair weather friends. And they like to back the side they think is going to win.

Take the Sun's DC endorsement:

'Nobody is entirely sure where he stands on issues like taxation.

On the vital issue of Brussels, he seems to be clear: Britain must not surrender an ounce more sovereignty to the EU. It remains to be seen if he has the balls to turn those words into action.
But despite these reservations, we like what we see...

He looks good on TV and he has the rare gift as a Tory of making voters feel good about life. These may seem superficial qualities. But they are essential in an age when the medium is the message.

...A raw beginner with a sprinkle of stardust. '

Pretty encouraging stuff, you might think. But just remember- supporting DC for the leadership is not the same as supporting the Tories against Labour. Compare and contrast their well-known position on that:

"The Sun said during the election that it will consider supporting the Conservative Party only when it clearly adopts the principles of small government and low taxes."

Yes, we know all about the circulation imperative and those rumoured media deals, but in a close race- as the next Election will be- the Kavanagh/Steltzer Sun will guided by conviction and commitment. Not stardust.

As will the electorate, an uncomfortable fact underlined today's YouGov poll. Yes, we are now only 2 points behind Blair-led Labour, amid much talk of the wheels coming off. Which is excellent.

But in that all-important contest with Brown-led Labour, we're still miles behind. Even Stardust Cameron trails Gordo by 46% to 37%.

Sadly, there is no quick fix media froth solution to our real difficulties. It will be a long-hard road where those round objects will be an absolute requirement.


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