Friday, November 04, 2005

Spin Cycle

Following that bruising in Blackpool, we DD supporters have been somewhat in awe of DC's media machine. All we could really come up with was to point out that the spin was some way adrift of the reality.

So for us media innocents, it's interesting to see how the machine is handling DC's defeat last night. The strongly pro-DC Times carries the undiluted DC line:

'The Cameron camp, while conceding that Mr Davis had shaded the exchanges, were quietly satisfied that he had not landed a knockout blow. '

The line being you see, that to "win", DD actually needed a KO.

Hmm. The Indy is far less obliging:

'David Cameron's assured campaign to win the leadership of the Conservative Party was thrown off course last night... Mr Davis gained the upper hand by setting out his clear policy proposals, leaving Mr Cameron to say three times: "I agree with David."

Although Mr Davis's tax plans were savaged this week by Danny Finkelstein, a former Tory research director, as "shoddy", Mr Cameron failed to pull them apart. Instead, he insisted that cash available for tax cuts should be shared with higher spending on public services.

Mr Cameron, who had trounced Mr Davis with his speech at the party conference, was confidently expected to eclipse the shadow Home Secretary in the televised debate, but Mr Davis won.'

Actually Fink was on Newsnight last night, claiming it as a "victory for the Conservative Party"- slightly off-message, but at least he didn't say it was a victory for commonsense.

It all goes to show- you can fool some of the media all of the time, but you can't fool people like that bloke in the tweed suit who laid into DC last night:

"David, I have listened to you. You are good on your feet. You are good at waffle and you tell us what you would do, but you don't tell us how."

It's the beef you see. After a decade of spin, we're all getting mighty hungry.


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