Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sorry David

It seems DD has always picked up flak for the actions of some of his more enthusiastic supporters. And now we've added to it.

This morning's Mail seizes on our post about dealing with reporters at the hustings, and says:

"The 'David Davis for Leader' team tells supporters attending the regional hustings with party members, which are closed to the press: "'If you're asked on the way in by a reporter who you support, say "undecided". On the way out, find the same reporter and say "I was undecided, but now it's definitely Davis." And make your way round as many other reporters as possible with the same message. If you feel confident, try the DC/DD conversion variant- "It was Cameron, but now it's definitely Davis."" Mr Davis says his leadership marks a departure from Labour spin. Doesn't sound like it."

Well, of course, we know we're not the official Davis team, and we're just a keen DD supporter independently hacking away in our jim-jams miles from the centre of power. And we know our post was meant as a JOKE- complete with sherbet dab.

But the fact is you can't really expect the Mail to pick up nuances of that kind.

So all we can say is sorry David. It won't happen again. Not on this blog.


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