Saturday, November 12, 2005

So, About Those Show Trials...

Those of us who may end up facing charges of Trotskyist tendencies have been reminding ourselves how those show trials work.

The basic idea seems to be that you confess in public to heretical beliefs and working to undermine the Party. A few choice phrases about how your mouth has been full of bile, and how you don't deserve anything but contempt are also generally appreciated. You get shot anyway of course, but your family may be spared.

Well, I'm certainly guilty of Small-Statism, so on that alone I'm probably a goner. But Mrs T's spoken approvingly of DC's "gorgeousness", so with luck she may survive.

And for any who reckon it won't come to that, maybe they should read today's lead editorial in the Times- the Cameroonian Pravda:

'Party leaders should start leaning on constituencies with a view to establishing whether ideological outcasts truly represent the Party. Until then, the rebels themselves, if they are indeed as principled as they often insist that they are, should take the Party bed with them each night and digest it. And if they don’t like what they read, there is always the Liberal Democrats.'

Or Siberia.

PS Yes I know the Pravda piece is ostensively about the Labour Party, but you don't need a PhD in Kremlinology to understand the real meaning.


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