Thursday, November 03, 2005

Return Of The Green And Scaly Option

We've posted before about the Green And Scaly Option- "Do you want to agree with me, or do you want to go G&S?"

It's always been a great favourite of Tones', and DC is now a regular user. This morning he responds to Simon Heffer's accusation that he has no principles:

"The choice underlying the Conservative leadership contest is becoming clearer every day: do we repeat the mistakes of the past and consign our party to permanent opposition? Or do we learn from our three election defeats, change our party and put ourselves in a position to change our country? Do we want to lose again, or do we want to win?"

Well, Dave...that's an excellent question. And it's exactly why we need DDfL.

But he is right that we are being offered a serious choice here. DD is offering us a clear policy agenda to deliver a revitalised economy, vastly improved public services, and more effective support for Britain's vulnerable. And he is explaining exactly how he would deliver these things- including lower taxes, and choice and competition reforms in education and health.

In contrast, DC is saying "trust me". He and his lieutenants keep repeating that he is a genuine Conservative who believes in Conservative principles. But he doesn't want to commit himself to anything too specific in policy terms. And he's making it very clear that he will do whatever "recasting" he deems necessary to get elected.

So there is a clear choice. It's between a bold and relevant restatement of those timeless Tory principles applied to modern problems, and...well, actually, we're still not at all clear.


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