Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Party That Likes To Say Yes!

Do you remember TSB- "The Bank That Likes To Say Yes!" (1mb TV ad download here).

The SDP's Danny Finkelstein reckons the Tory Party should copy it. And he makes DC our yes-man, pitched against DD's no-man, a case spun from that Sky hustings exchange:

DD: "We have a situation where the centre of many cities and towns in this country are no-go areas for decent people.”
DC: “We must not make everyone who wants to go out and have a drink on a Friday and Saturday night sound like a criminal.”

The moment I heard this I recognised the debate the two were having. Should the Conservative Party paint the skies blue or should they paint them black?"

You can guess which side Fink comes down on, but just in case we don't get it, he spells it out:

"The reason that optimism is a superior political position to pessimism is really quite simple — association. Why do you think car companies advertise their products with attractive women? It makes their cars seem sexy."

Simple as that huh?

And what happens when you might actually have to say "no"? Or won't that ever happen?

PS For those interested in these things, 'the TSB movement was started in 1810 by the Reverend Henry Duncan in the small Scottish village of Ruthwell to improve the financial position of what were then termed the "labouring classes". For the next 175 years it ran a very conservative and successful operation. Unfortunately, after it floated in the go-go 80s, their board got carried away with a whole load of frothy ideas driven by management consultants and admen. Like saying yes to everything. It didn't really work, and in 1995 the whole wobbly shebang was gobbled up by Lloyds. Most of the branches then got turned into bars or worse; the picture shows all that's left of the flagship branch in Newcastle- probably after a 24 hour drinking binge.

Not that anything like that could happen to our Party.
Definitely not.


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