Saturday, November 19, 2005

Party Neutrality

We've surmised right from the start that quite a few of the Party top brass were backing DC. But at least they've observed the usual niceties and ensured that the party maintained a public neutrality.

It seems that the same conventions don't apply to local constituency associations. The official website of Tottenham Conservatives carries a big "Campaign For David Cameron" banner, and the statement:

"Justin Hinchcliffe, Chairman of Tottenham Conservatives, is backing David Cameron's bid to become the new Leader of the Conservative Party. For more information on David, visit :"

We had no idea you were allowed to use official party sites in this partisan way.

Maybe you're not. In which case Justin better get ready to face the disciplinary action he's so keen to see meted out to DD supporters.

PS According to the Enfield Independent, "Mr Hinchcliffe was suspended by party chiefs in 1995 for his outspoken views on the elderly and the unemployed and was the real life inspiration for comedian Harry Enfield's Tory Boy character." A typical DC supporter?


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