Friday, November 11, 2005

More Cameron Straw Men

Not having much in the way of policy himself, Dave C is proving extraordinarily productive at inventing policies for DD:

"If all we have to say on the economy is up-front personal tax cuts, what do we have to say to the millions of people in our country who don't pay income tax but who are still living in poverty? If all we have to say on education is `Bring back 20 grammar schools', what do we have to say to the parents of children in the 26,000 schools where standards are falling and Labour are failing?"

What? Davis has never said anything like that.

Just how dumb does Dave think we members are? I mean, we know those "ista" guys don't think much of us in general, and would much rather we were more like them. But it would be nice if they'd credit us with just a little intelligence. Every now and again.


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