Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Let 'Em Have It Ma'am

In terms of party unity, there is a very striking difference between the DD and DC positions. Whereas DD been assiduous in reaching out across the party- witness his speech on social justice yesterday- DC has made it pretty clear it's his way or no way.

Unsurprisingly, some of us members are very unhappy about this, and while many have been biting their tongues, over on ConservativeHome Barbara Villiers bites back.

Jaz, a DC supporter, has just given us the usual line:

'DD can talk all he wants, his age works against him... I'm looking for a winner, a prime-minister who appears prime ministerial....Davis strikes me like Howard as the leader of the opposition...not a PM who has the media manipulation and charisma to take the top job.

DD is talking [about social justice] because he has been forced to do so by the Cameron campaign of compassion. DD's profile strikes me a "tough on crime, low taxes, less government regulation, less public spending" man.... Which is precisely what every Tory leader after Major has offered to the public without winning an election.'

Barbara lets him have it with both barrels:

"What on earth is this age thing? I can tell by your name that you are 'young' -well let me tell you this my dear, you too will be old one day. And guess what - your brain will still be sharp, your bits won't have fallen on and you will still have desires, hopes and dreams. What ageist claptrap! Would you say a leader was too black or too much of a woman or too Jewish?

If you go back and read David Davis' speech early this summer to the Centre for Policy Studies you will see many references to what amounts to 'compassionate conservativsm'. David Cameron does not have the monopoly on that nor did he think of it first.

As for media manipulation, I'll let you in on this one shall I, it is the media in this country who does the manipulation. Cameron is a creation of the media and when they are tired of their creation (as they are already demonstrating) they will turn on him and all the brownies and smoothies won't make a damn bit of difference.

Oh, and as for appearing Prime ministerial -try to see if you can get a look at a news item - when Davis addressed Parliament after the 7/7 bombings.

Try this one - Cameron across the box from Brown on PMQ's. Rabbit caught in the headlights quickly comes to mind. Hint: It's not Gordon Brown!"

Barbara, we couldn't have put it better. Or, indeed, nearly as well.


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