Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Just A Bit Of Fun

You've probably already done the Who Should You Vote For Test, but if not you should give it a try.

It told me I should vote for DD (+39), and this is the advice it seems to have consistently given to other DD bloggers (eg see here and here).

But over at Camp Cameron, it seems the advice has been somewhat less straightforward. In fact, on the basis of their actual views, most of them have clearly been advised to vote not for DC but for DD.

Naturally, their reaction is one of denial. Gavin Ayling (actually an excellent blogger) writes revealingly:

"While I support Mr Cameron, the test found me in favour of Mr Davis. I think this is because there is one gaping hole. I will not be voting on policy because the public won't be either.

Cameron's policies are not so bad that a typical Conservative cannot support them, but they are weaker than Davis'. What is important, though, is who could become Prime Minister. The public will vote for Cameron, not based on policies, but based on charisma, character and appearance (no matter how much we wish it weren't so) so a Cameron-led Conservative party can get elected while a Davis-led party would do little better than Mr Howard."

And that really is the case for DC in a nutshell.

Such a pity the evidence doesn't support the hope.


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