Friday, November 18, 2005

Judy Tweaks Mr Punch

It may be Punch and Judy, but there's no doubt that DC dealt with Paxo very comfortably last night. Even we DD supporters enjoyed his well-rehearsed put-downs. And yes, he did make Pax look like something from a bygone age. And yes, the setting was much better chosen than the gloom of the Carlton Club.

Of course, we think a comedy feedline about Pink Pussy is rather softer than "why are you a shit?", and there was more than a hint of Newsnight's well-established preference in the contest. But it would be churlish to deny DC's success on the night.

It did however highlight another major concern about the man- does he have any underlying convictions? In answer to Paxo's repeated questions about why he'd changed his mind on various policies, he said "because I've now had a jolly hard think about it." Like when he was Party Policy Co-ordinator, he hadn't had a hard think? No, because we'd lost another election, so clearly need to come up with a different product.

Hmm. That's exactly what we're so concerned about.


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