Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hustings Hustle

The hustings are underway, but since they are closed to the press, we have to depend on the accounts of attendees. Which generally means partisans of one or other hue.

For example, today's ConservativeHome report on the Newcastle hustings is written by Dominic Llewllyn, a DC supporter. Naturally he reckons DC won, even if the clincher seemed to be:

'The only David Davis t-shirt was one wrapped over the arm of his assistant... Cameron on the other hand had manifestos, three types of flyer, and mints with the slogan “a breath of fresh air” emblazoned on them.'


We're looking forward to our local hustings next week, but meanwhile you do have to wonder how much direct impact they will have. 11 hustings, average attendance 400-500?, equals about 5,000 attendees. Against 250,000 eligible voting members. One in fifty.

Once again the real impact will be intermediated by the...er, media.

So just a few reminders for attending DD supporters. If you're asked on the way in by a reporter who you support, say "undecided". On the way out, find the same reporter and say "I was undecided, but now it's definitely Davis." And make your way round as many other reporters as possible with the same message.

If you feel confident, try the DC/DD conversion variant- "It was Cameron, but now it's definitely Davis."

And for the super-confident, why not offer likely looking reporters a lick of your DD Sherbet Dab?


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