Monday, November 07, 2005

Greetings Pop Pickers!

It was yesterday's new soundbite from DC:

"There is a big choice opening up here. Do we go down a sort of core vote, right wing agenda playing the same tunes.

If we play the same tunes we end up with the same song, we end up with the same position in the charts, second and I do not want that to happen".

When he said it, I thought it so clunky my toes curled right through the fluffy tops of my slippers. Apart from anything else- sorry Dave- I think "the charts" are seen as a bit Smashy and Nicey these days.

Still, the media have lapped it up. The pinko Pink-Un (circulation collapsing so fast they've just summarily shot their Editor), approvingly headlines 'Cameron cautions against rightwing agenda'.

But as we've argued before, in reality DD's "tune" is very different to the five-note ditty we essayed last time out. No headlining on immigration, and in place of Hattie Jacques and Whack-O!, we've got Reform's public service programme.

Critically, DD's putting forward a policy on Tax'n'Spend, rather than the pious hope of "efficiency savings". So while last time we mumbled about a trivial £4bn of tax cuts conditional on the shaky proposition that we could find even more efficiency savings than Labour, now we're saying 'we will implement a budget rule, which over a parliament is expected to generate the equivalent of £1200 tax cuts for every family'. Much clearer, much more firmly based, and much more compelling.

And we should all remember that DD has repeatedly stressed his commitment to the most vulnerable in our society, and how we can use traditional "right-wing" tools to help them. Last time out, we said nothing about this.

We will hear much more about his approach to social justice later today. Prepare to tap those tootsies.


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