Monday, November 14, 2005

Go On...Put The Boot In!

Over at PoliticalBetting Smithson expresses the LibDems' frustration that our leadership contest hasn't been the bloodfest they crave. Take that heavily promoted QT bout. Mike and the Uni LD Society had laid in the Stellas and Doritos for a good night in front of the box. And what happened?

'Davis was given a lot of performance coaching while skilled writers sought to anticipate how the debate would go and prepare “killer” sound-bites aimed at Cameron...But Davis simply failed to use the “killer sound-bites” - even though he had learned them by heart and the course of the the debate gave him the ideal opportunity.'

No wonder they want their money back.

But surely they're forgetting we've still got that Kennedy v Laws bout to come. That will be a no holds barred contest that with any luck will leave the canvas soaked in gore.


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