Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Frimley Shimmy

Mrs T and I attended the Frimley hustings today (my full, totally objective report is on ConservativeHome).

It was a gentle gentlemanly affair, thoroughly appreciated by attendees, but probably doing little to sway members from their prior views. The two Davids have been spending so much time together, they're now finishing each other's jokes.

The one point of real interest was DC's apparent shimmy on withdrawal from the EPP. As noted yesterday, DC's position had been that we would withdraw virtually as soon as he became leader, despite the obvious pitfalls in such an abrupt move.

Well, this morning he shifted his position. While he's still in favour of withdrawal, the "timing" of any decision would now be a matter for the new Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Perhaps not a huge thing in itself (although the likes of Mr Cash may not agree), but it is one more example of DC sort of...hmm, making it up as he goes along.

Now, where've we come across that before?


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