Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Facing The Labour Onslaught

DD has written to Party members about what we can expect after 6th December:

"The Conservative Party should be braced for a fierce onslaught from the Labour government once this contest is over. Blair will deploy all his formidable despatch box skills from day one. He will patronise, he will bully, he will ridicule, he will demand to know where’s the beef, he will boast of his experience and attempt to belittle his new rival. And he will be roared on by his backbench bully-boys, who are terrified that our great party is once again on the march.

I believe I am the candidate best equipped to withstand the Blair/Brown offensive and to take our party back to government.

It will take guts, resilience, a vision of a new Conservative future for our country and, above all, experience to withstand the fire to come."

Yes, it would be nice if we could all know, nice. But as DD points out, "Blair and Brown and their army of New Labour spin-doctors and propagandists...know that the first 100 days of a new Conservative leadership will be critical to the future direction of politics in this country".

So none of us should think we can look forward to a gentle warm-up game in no-man's land this Christmas.

Experienced or not, it's helmets on from day one.


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