Sunday, November 20, 2005

Dimbleby Smack-Down: Round 2

The ITV round of the DD/DC hustings didn't really tell us anything new. We DD supporters were confirmed in our man, while DC supporters were confirmed in theirs (eg see the comments on ConservativeHome).

However many hustings we see, we're still left with a choice of one candidate who believes we should make Tory policy commitments and then sell them to the electorate, versus another who believes we should copy the brand leader and hope we can maybe slip in some Tory policy along the way.

There's little in the way of polling evidence to suggest that the latter approach would actually return us to power, but after three defeats, there's no denying many party members are prepared to give it a whirl.

PS For us peasants, watching the two hereditary Dimblebys in action is a reminder of just how inbred the whole politico/media aristocracy actually is. It puts me in mind of a comment posted elsewhere by one "Jack Stone", a notorious DC supporter. Without a trace of irony he says: "If David Cameron is unfit to be this country`s Prime Minister because he went to Eton then surely Prince William is unfit to be its King when he did exactly the same."

Actually, it's possible Jack is a Lib Dem agent provocateur- I can't decide.


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