Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Day Of The Jackaroo

One man with a PR department who can change the course of history.

Or...umm, can he?

Maggie's favourite author Freddie Forsyth is worried that DC won't be up to the job:

"Whoever takes over the Conservative Party is going to have to take on New Labour's attack dogs and they are provenly vicious. And Paris and Brussels over EU reform and they are ruthless. And the vested interests who live off all our backs and they are devious and

So that is the real choice. I plump for the man who has been there for 20 years. Occupied five senior offices. Been round the block a few times. Taken hardship, opposition and tough times and beaten them all. It's the tested fighter or the beaming Tory Boy.

Just put it this way: if you were in an alley late at night, with two yobs bearing down, which one would you prefer beside you? Ah, you say, politics are not like that. Oh yes they are, chum, oh yes they are."

And that wild Sunday Telegraph article about the Treasury's secret Cameron dossier will be just the start.


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