Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Davis Surges Ahead

The Big Mo remains with Davis. This morning's Times/Populus poll puts him ahead among Tory voters by 50% to 37%, a complete reversal since last month.

This is an excellent result, reflecting not just DD's strong showing on QT and elsewhere, but also his compelling policy agenda.

Naturally, the severely rattled DC camp are rubbishing it: Populus are hopeless, DD's "only" ahead among Tory voters, and, even if it's true, we can't afford to pander to our "core vote".

We'll leave the judgement on Populus to Anthony (wearing his most impartial hat), but what should we make of the finding that DC remains 37% to 30% ahead among voters generally? We reckon that's just a function of repective media coverage. They've spent the last month presenting DC as a Pop Idol favourite, and it's highly unlikely that non-Tories will have put themselves through QT etc. So they won't have seen DC's failures.

As for that "core vote" argument, we happen to believe that DD and his policies would appeal very widely. So we just disagree with the DC assertion.

DD is back on the road to victory.

The Times itself is so concerned that they've been forced to spell out their well-known support for DC. But the best even they can come up with is "Yes, inexperienced...policy-vague...DC is an enormous gamble...but well, what the hell...roll those dice!" know what? We'll make up our own minds.


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