Thursday, November 03, 2005

Davis On Healthcare

Over at Non-Trivial Solutions, Andrew has great post on DD's healthcare policy.

"Opening up government monopolies would allow the independent and voluntary sectors to offer services to the many, rather than the privileged few. Putting the State’s spending power in the hands of patients would give them unprecedented control. The natural forces of competition would drive up standards. And we would bring to an end the perverse consequence of State monopoly which has been to benefit the better off and the strong at the expense of poorest and the weak."

Andrew also picks up DD's close relationship with the Reform thinktank, who've done extensive work in this area, based around three key principles:

'1. Change the NHS mission statement. Instead of focusing on the health of the nation as a whole, the NHS should be driven by the needs of individual patients.

2. Liberate provision. The Government’s role should change from being a provider to a funder and regulator of healthcare. Targets and central controls should be abolished. Private providers should compete with NHS providers on equal terms.

3. Put spending power in the hands of patients. Individuals, not the government monopoly, should spend healthcare resources. In practice this requires a modern insurance-based healthcare system.'


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