Thursday, November 17, 2005

Davis On Global Poverty

DD gave his speech on global poverty to the CSJ this evening, stressing the role of free trade, and the establishment of workable infrastructure in developing countries- particularly the establishemnt of proper governance arrangements and property rights.

He quotes with approval the words of New York Times columnist David Brooks:

“Just once, I'd like to see someone like Bono or Bruce Springsteen stand up at a concert and speak the truth to his fan base: that the world is complicated and there are no free lunches.

But if you really want to reduce world poverty, you should be cheering on those guys in pinstripe suits at the free-trade negotiations and those investors jetting around the world."

Spot on. But just as important is what he says about fighting for what we believe in:

"If I became leader of this party I wouldn’t spend half of this parliament setting up commissions.

I already know what I believe.

I believe today what I believed six months ago.

I believed six months ago what I believed five years ago.

I know that Britain’s economy needs lower and simpler taxes and the first budget of the
next Conservative government must begin to deliver them.

I know that thorough public service reform – extending choice and securing local and
professional control of schools and hospitals - is the only way that our pupils and patients
will get world class treatment.

And I know that free trade, good governance and property rights are the key to progress
in the third world.

I will spend all of this parliament explaining those beliefs to the British people.Some of them may not look popular now but time and the facts are on our side.

This parliament is still young. I have the determination to spend the whole of this parliament selling an authentic, socially-just conservatism to the British people.

In the last two parliaments our policies became as timid as the limited time we gave ourselves to sell them.

There will be serious policy development under my leadership but I’m not willing to spend three years in a policy vacuum – and spent one year filling it.

Our main policy priorities need to be communicated and explained now."

With Davis at the helm, they will be.


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