Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Davis On Europe

On the day DD talks about Europe to the Sun, over at Road To Euro Serfdom the Serf has an excellent overview of why Davis is right.

'Only a Conservative government that puts taming the EU monster at the centre of its programme, can be considered worthy of the title Conservative. I believe that David Davis is the man that can do just that...

Because to be a Conservative, means that you have to favour transparency, accountability and freedom of choice. David Davis is experienced enough to understand that these are not on offer in the European Union, and he has the track record to prove it.'

And DD's Sun interview underlines the importance he attaches to the whole issue. He promises to negotiate a major repatriation of powers, topped and tailed by "double-lock" referenda:

'He argued that many people did not believe Britain had control over its own destiny on major issues, said the nation needed to regain control over fishing, asylum, immigration and social policy.

"We will lay out exactly what we want and hold a referendum to see if people approve. I have no doubt they will."

He would then go to the Brussels negotiating table and at the end put the outcome to a second referendum:

"That would give us the authority to look the European Commission in the eye and say this is the view of the British people."

The proposals put forward by Mr Davis included a new British Bill of Rights with priority over European human rights laws.'

It is radical- no doubt about that. As incredulous leftie Europhile Mr Naughty has just gasped: "but...but...this is the most radical foreign policy in a generation!"

The question the rest of us are asking is why have we had to wait so long? Didn't anyone tell the others thay could do this?


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