Friday, November 11, 2005

Core Vote Caricature

As we've noted before, DD's campaign must stay alert to those who'd rather contest the caricature than the real thing.

Andrew picks up the same theme:

'This meme about Davis running a core vote campaign has to be knocked on the head. Of course, it is in the media's interest to continue proclaiming David Cameron as an enlightened liberal Conservative, and Davis as an evil right-wing baby-eater...

Davis has been bold in pushing a radical public service reform package aimed at improving the lives of those most damaged by state failure. He deserves to be rewarded for that by getting a chance to turn around the soft-left liberal press as leader of the party. When Cameron is first seriously tested, as I'm sure he will be against Paxman next week, his instinct will be to run for the core. When Davis is so tested, as he has been over the last few weeks, his instinct is to stay the course.'

Hear, hear.


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