Thursday, November 10, 2005

Cameron Burns Bridges

So Speccie Politician Of The Year DC has broken with convention and claimed outright that we'd lose the next election under DD. He says:

"Our party faces a clear choice in this leadership contest. Do we move to the right, or do we fight for the centre ground?

Do we stick to our core vote comfort zone or do we reach out? Do we repeat the mistakes of the past, or do we change to win for the future?

That is our choice. If we get it right we can end the Blair era. If we get it wrong, the Blair era stays - under new mismanagement...from Gordon Brown."

This sort of unhelpful rhetoric obviously worsens party divisions, but set that on one side. For the favourite who reckons he's going to win, it is ominous behaviour. It says he is after a fight.

And if Dave wins- still more if he wins big- I warn you. I warn you not to have core comfort blankets anywhere about your person.

Not unless you fancy participating in a Clause 4 show trial.


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