Friday, November 04, 2005

Bloggers On QT

The Blogosphere verdict is pretty well unanimous on the result. At Whatsthatsmell James says:

'It marked what appears to be a change in fortune for Our Man's campaign. It became clear as the show progressed: as much as the media may like Cameron for talking a good talk, Tories like Davis for walking a good walk...putting a stake in the ground and showing people what he's about plays well to the Tory faithful.

Cameron came off as if, in comparison, he would blow with whatever political wind may be blowing at the time. For all I know, he may be a great guy and an even greater politician. But he needs to work on the common touch and come across as more decisive. What the political and chattering classes may perceive as prudence in his reticence about specific policy, comes off as waffle to everyone else. Blair and Brown would make mince meat of him.'

At Non-Trivial Solutions Andrew says:

'Davis was exceptionally good. He started slowly, but was statesmanlike throughout. The most impressive parts for me were when he spoke on issues that clearly mean a great deal to him, such as his passionate defence of Iain Duncan Smith for his recent work on Social Justice. Davis is the man to win back the parts of the country that we haven't been speaking to in the last decade.

Cameron looked like a man coached to within an inch of his comfort zone, and it showed. Davis looked like a leader, a man on top of his game, ready and prepared for this occasion.'

Clive Davis is kinder to DC, but makes a similar point:

'Sorry to sound superficial, but the body-language contest was over in the first minute, as far as I was concerned: Davis looked relaxed and in command as he leaned against his lectern; Cameron sipped nervously from his glass, as if going in to pitch a big advertising account.

No knock-out blows. Davis had his best moment when he said this was no time to imitate Tony Blair. Cameron did reasonably well on the "why we need idealism" segment. More to the point, they both came across as human beings, which is a rare feat for Tory politicians.'

Maybe Fink was right- it was a victory for the Party.


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