Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bloggers For Davis 39

Mark Adams has an excellent post at Outside Story about leaving the EPP. He contrasts DC's opportunistic commitment to withdraw immediately with DD's more measured approach:

"DC is a past-master of unpopular policies that look opportunistic. In fact he has promised to execute one as his first act if elected leader. The policy is leaving the EPP in his first week as leader. It is part of a deal he has done with Daniel Hannan and Bill Cash.

Leaving the EPP is...getting out of a federalist party that supports the left/right consensus that is bogging down Europe... We want to be a part of an Atlanticist, pro-market coalition that includes the parties of Eastern Europe and even parties like the German FDP. In fact we want to lead such a party.

Leaving the EPP in the first week would squander that opportunity. Cameron wants to get out but he has nowhere to go. There is no coalition waiting for us. We would be isolated in Europe. Creating a party for us to lead could put the Conservative’s at the head of the third largest coalition in Europe. Isolating ourselves would make us a non-entity...

David Davis... would listen to the Euro MPs... about who we can work with. He would use their advice and turn it into a plan. Then he would let them vote on the plan. There would be no rebellion against an imposed move. There would be no talk of opportunism. He would take us out of the EPP but he would do it right.

That is where Davis’s experience will save us an embarrassment. More importantly it is where he would succeed in not looking opportunistic because his positions are based on principle, not PR. That is his strength and Cameron’s weakness. If Conservative members cannot see this by December 5 th then they will see it in Cameron’s first week as leader. That, unfortunately, would be too late."


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