Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bigtime Punter Backs Davis

According the the Evening Standard, major league punter and Tory backer Stuart Wheeler has endorsed DD:

“I think that Davis would have the toughness to maintain discipline in the Party and I think he would take a harder line on Europe and I welcome his keenness to revive the economy through lower taxes.”

All of which we naturally agree with.

But more interesting is how much he'll win when DD is elected.

Think about it. DD is now 33/1- fantastic odds that Mr W could surely not ignore. And being the sporting gent he is, he wouldn't want to be outdone by that 200 grand bet on DC. So let's say he matches it.

£200,000 times 33...why, that's nearly seven big ones. Payable next Tuesday.

Let's hope he donates some to the Party.


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