Sunday, November 06, 2005

BFD Weekly Round-Up 2

In a week dominated by DD's win in the QT head-to-head, there's been a certain spring in the posts of Bloggers For Davis.

Post-match commentary from James Whatsthatsmell noted that 'as much as the media may like Cameron for talking a good talk, Tories like Davis for walking a good walk'. Andrew Nontrivialsolutions reckoned 'Davis was...statesmanlike throughout. The most impressive parts were when he spoke on issues that clearly mean a great deal to him, such as his passionate defence of Iain Duncan Smith for his recent work on Social Justice'.

Gary Monro homed in on the experience issue: 'David Davis has the necessary pugnaciousness, cool, intelligence, policy and presence to deliver KO after KO against this government. For the time being I believe David Cameron will be out of his depth. He is a class politician in the making; Davis is a class politician already made.'

As shown in the polls, QT was enough to persuade some DC supporters to switch to DD, and the blogs told us why. Take this morning-after post from DC diehard Gav:

'Oh dear.

I was convinced that Cameron was the only one of the two who could come across on TV. I was convinced that Cameron’s policies were not so bad that he shouldn’t still win. I was convinced that I should vote for Cameron.

And now I’m not.

Davis’ policies on the EU, taxation, social welfare and the targetting of efforts all were head and shoulders above Cameron’s attempts. Cameron appeared to lose his temper a couple of times and was ooohhed by the audience…

I have now returned to the ‘undecided’.

Even the legendary Guido Fawkes was forced to admit (after only a couple of turns on the rack) that DD had won by a broken nose. Sadly, after last night's festivities, Guido is no longer with us.

Elsewhere, Eu-Serf examines DD's policies on Europe, concluding: 'We can be sure that come what may, this is a man that will stand up for the right of British people to be ruled by those of their choosing, and not by an unelected elite in another land.' Hear, hear.

Andrew (busy week for him) explores DD's healthcare policies, a subject picked up by James Hellyer, who contrasts DD's substance with DC's bland statement 'that we can't get good healthcare on the cheap, and advocating the abandonment of the Patient's Passport (which would mark the end of any choice based health agenda)'.

Most of us Bloggers For Davis are virtual campaigners, sitting in our pyjamas all day at our PCs, never seeing anyone and living on packets of Chocolate Hobnobs. But some of us actually get out there to do battle. Jonathan Sheppard reports a debate he had with DC supporter Roger Helmer MEP at a Conservative meeting in Lincoln:

'One comment summed up the situation so far: "Jonathan - I agreed with everything you said - but I'm not sure I'm going to vote for Davis... yet".

A month to go - and more healthy debates to be had within the party.'

Maybe, as Danny The Fink said on Newsnight, this really is "a victory for Conservatism".


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