Thursday, November 10, 2005

Are We Talking About The Same Thing?

Tim Montgomerie's ConservativeHome is a great site- there's always something worth reading. But today's twelve key questions for the leadership contenders have left us bemused and somewhat disorientated.

The idea was great: to help us decide on the basis of candidates' answers to 12 key policy questions. Fantastic.

The trouble is Tim's questions don't actually cover the practical issues which we think are absolutely central to our choice- public service reform, localism, security, and Europe , to name but four.

He concentrates instead on what might be termed moral and ethical issues, such as stem cell research, the right to die, and genocide in Darfur. Plus two internal party issues. All very important no doubt, but in our view, not likely to resonate with Britain in the same way as say sorting out healthcare.

We're not the only ones to raise an eyebrow- or in Guido's case a cackling laugh- but when we can't even agree on the right questions...well, that can't be right, can it?

So we're left wondering if we are all talking about the same thing? Are we indeed all Tories? Or are some of us something else entirely?

Reading Tim's questions, we wonder if Mrs T and I are something else. But what? Just as long as we're not those lizard guys with false human faces that rip off.


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