Saturday, November 12, 2005

Any The Wiser?

It still ain't over til it's over, but William Hague's declaration for DC may well be the final clincher.

For us DD supporters, it's doubly disappointing. Apart from probable defeat for our candidate- frankly always on the cards since Blackpool- we had hoped that a contest would at least tease out some policy substance from DC.

But no dice. Except for his position on downgrading ecstacy, and withdrawal from the Euro parliamentary group, the rest is pure flim-flam: we'll look at this, we're concerned about that, and we may reduce taxes if and when we decide to do so.

WH thinks DC has that ne sais quoi. But well, we'd just been hoping for a little more somehow.

So it looks like policy-lite Conservatism. And as long as it lifts us 10% in the polls, the party will presumably be very happy.

We'll see.


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