Friday, November 25, 2005

The Amnesial Airbrush

What are we to make of DC's selective amnesia? Yesterday during the Sky hustings he reckoned he "couldn't remember" how he had voted in Parliament on gay adoption. The facts of course are that, although he's now in favour, he twice voted against- on 16th May 2002 (Division 244) and four days later (Division 246).

So what's going on? Over on ConservativeHome posters are calling him a liar, and worse. Here on DDFL we always like to think the best of fellow Tories, so naturally we shy away from such talk.

But if not a liar than what?

Perhaps he genuinely forgot. A Blunkett moment. But then again, this isn't exactly the Schleswig-Holstein Question, and if he forgot this, what else might he have forgotten? Samantha's birthday? A sieve is surely not what we had in mind as leader.

So what then?

We really don't need to look far because it's been put up in lights for us. A "Change To Win" Cameron Tory Party would start at Year Zero. Everything- from gay adoption to those timeless Tory principles- would be subject to change and reversal.

And inconvenient historic artefacts? Well, expect to see much more of that amnesial airbrush.

PS Clive Davis picks up another issue from the Sky hustings- the exchange beween DD and DC over 24 hour drinking. DD said "We have a situation where the centres of many towns and cities in this country are no-go areas for decent people...We have to recognise that, and recognise that what the Government is doing today is actually making that much worse." To which DC's reponse was "When you say 'no-go areas for decent people' you are almost implying that anyone who does go out is not a decent person. You have got to be very, very careful, David. That's something the Conservative Party has got to understand. We have to show we understand people's aspirations and not sound all the time as if we are preaching to people." "Aspirations"- a particularly weasely word, as Clive explains.


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