Tuesday, November 29, 2005

All-New Fantasy Cabinet

It's a game we've all played many times before, but over at ConservativeHome it's in full swing once again. Just how should DD balance his shadow cabinet?

The first and most important thing will be to re-establish unity. After our prolonged and sometimes difficult contest, Davis must reach out right across the Party, and particularly to the disappointed supporters of David Cameron.

There will be no place for petty vindictiveness, or settling of old scores, or cronyism. As DD has said many times, his will be a cabinet of all the talents. And quite right too.

So William Hague for Shadow Chancellor- everyone's choice, if he can afford it. And Liam Fox to stay as Shadow Foreign Secretary. Certainly.

But the real question will be what to do with DC himself. We believe it is essential he be given one of the very top jobs, and accorded all the respect that decency and good sense demand for the runner-up. He would make an excellent Shadow Home Secretary, a post which should be combined with the Deputy Leadership.

Of course there will be those that say he should be punished for saying challenging things about DD. And for having supporters who have taken things too far. But we say Davis is a bigger man than that. He is a real leader, and a real leader thrives on robust debate.

After all, if the positions were reversed, do we really believe DC would behave any less well?


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