Thursday, November 03, 2005


Ali Campbell spent much of yesterday touring the media spluttering with righteous indignation, and lambasting them for reducing politics to a media frenzy. It was an extraordinary performance, and pots and kettles certainly didn't do it justice. But- deep breaths- let's park that.

On Newsnight, Matthew Parris commented on Ali's performance, recalling that when the Major government used to complain about similar media excesses, Campbell was wont to say "Ahhh....diddums".

Now there's no denying we DD supporters have had our own issues with the media, but as everyone keeps saying, complaining about it is like complaining about the weather. It's there, so deal with it.

But the Blunkett saga shows just how treacherous media celebrity can be. It sucked in poor old Blunkers, span his head around, and eventually spat him out. Just like they're now doing with Tony. It's taken a while admittedly. But the Big Story has switched direction. For is it not written- lo, those that live by the media shall surely perish by it.

And the moral of the story? Simply that we Tories better not choose our leader based on media celebrity.


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