Saturday, October 29, 2005

Would You Adam And Eve It?

Organ of record Private Eye (not online) says:

'With perfect timing, early editions of the Evening Standard on the day of the second Tory leadership ballot led with the story "Gay Smears and Me, by Tory Hopeful"- the Tory in question being Dr Liam Fox.

Who was behind the smear? "I know for certain that people in the Davis camp were responsible for putting round these false stories," Fox later told the Mail on Sunday. His campaign manager John Hayes directly accused Davis's henchman Derek Conway of planting the story on the Standard.

Not so. The "dossier" on which the story was based had been compiled by dirty-tricks wallahs in the Labour Party- who passed it to David Cameron's lieutenants, who in turn gave it to the Standard. The Cameroonies were determined to prevent a run-off with Fox, who was feared to have more support in constituency associations.

For all their modernising open-necked cool, the Notting Hill set are still adept at the more traditional arts of politics. The queen bee of the set, Rachel Whetstone, was behind last Wednesday's report by BBC political editor Nick Robinson that the runner-up in Thursday's poll would drop out of the race to allow Cameron a "coronation". Alas, what was intended as a self-fulfilling prophecy had the opposite effect: it infuriated Davis and stiffened his resolve to fight on.'

Now, let me see...Rachel Whetstone...Rachel Whetstone... We know she was "Michael Howard's Miss Moneypenny" but surely we read somewhere that:

'Mr Cameron has done much to ensure that he has a team of all the talents and dilute the enmity towards the Notting Hill set. Not many people know that Rachel Whetstone (Michael Howard's former Queen Bee), for example has had nothing to do with the Cameron campaign, after a falling out over a personal matter.'

Hmm...then again, I suppose we know that:

'George Osborne's closest confidants are Rightwing Times columnist Daniel Finkelstein, Tory adviser Rachel Whetstone, advertising guru Steve Hilton, former Times columnist turned Tory MP Michael Gove and David Cameron.'

Tsk. I don't know. It's all too much for my simple brain.


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