Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why Davis? Revisited

As various helpful comments have pointed out, several of our recent posts have focused on DC rather than DD. Sorry about that- the msm has been dominated by DC stories, and we've felt duty-bound to comment on them. Particularly since much of the national media now seems to comprise the DC fan club (eg most of the msm failed entirely to cover DD's speech in Bradford).

Anyway, given that today is the first vote, for anyone who wants to know why we support DD, we stand by our very first post back in May- Why Davis? Since then he's spelled out his policy positions in much more detail, but the core is all there.

PS Rereading the May post and comments, we're reminded of that baseless DD skeleton rumour disseminated by Guido (NB- G, pl note further plug).

Gunpowder plotters eh? What can you do with 'em? Oh yes, I remember- you douse 'em in petrol and stick 'em on the bonfire next weekend.


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Just out of interest, will you be deleting the website's content in the next couple of days?

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