Thursday, October 20, 2005

We Want Some Beef

Clearly today's YouGov poll is somewhat less than ideal. But as we've said before- it ain't over til it's over.

And as we've also said, we members want the chance to kick some tyres. Yes, we know DD has faltered in the face of our new Golden Boy. But whereas we know what DD stands for- he's spelled out his policy agenda- we don't yet know the same for DC.

Even in reporting its strong pro-Cameron poll results, the Telegraph says:

'Mr Cameron has so far survived his trial by tabloid media; he needs to be tested in the arena of policy, where his campaign has been far less impressive. We want to know how he will reverse the Blair-Brown drive towards a high-tax, over-regulated economy; what plans has he for the health service and for schools; does he intend to reduce taxes?

Will he have the courage to confront New Labour on its shameful plans for detention without trial and its multi-billion pound ID card scheme? Will he take on the unions to tackle the looming crisis in public sector pensions, the issue ducked so ignominiously by the Government only this week? We know far more about what Mr Davis and Dr Fox think on these issues.'

We are attracted to DD because he has a strong policy agenda which coincides almost exactly with our own views, and which we believe would address the central issues facing Britain. Four weeks of hustings will give us a good chance to calm down and assess what DC would actually bring to the policy table.


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