Monday, October 03, 2005

Tyler In Blackpool

Well, we're here; sunfactor 20 applied and ready for the off.

The conference looks pretty busy- lots of punters, politicos and assorted hacks. But as first-timers it's difficult to know if this is a par score or not.

The Times headline this morning was 'Tories despair at quality of candidates', but one presumes this is just part of their DC For Leader campaign- doh, no good quality, but wait...over there...

Actually, I'm afraid to say that Mrs T has just seen DC..."utterly gorgeous". I can see we're going to need another word.

Fortunately, the DD campaign is much in evidence. I had offered to help, but why use middle-aged blokes with sub-Beatles haircuts when you've got so many great looking twenty-somethings?

Anyway, the hustings get underway at 12.30, so we need to bag our seats.


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