Saturday, October 22, 2005

Toffs On Top

Another great piece from DC supporter Matthew Parris:

'Frightened for its life, the Tory party is turning back to the toffs. For the first time in 40 years they are looking to a proper top-public-school boy to save them. Mr Cameron’s Eton education and discreetly upper-crust bearing are not handicaps, surmountable or otherwise. They are assets. In all kinds of subliminal ways they are working to his advantage.'

Parris gently puts it to us peasants that our time is drawing to a close. From our original uprising back in 1965, "The Peasants’ Revolt is almost over. October 2005. The Peasants’ Rout. David Cameron has emerged. The toffs are back in the saddle."

Toffs, eh. I've met quite a few over the years, and you know what? Some of them aren't that bad. Even those who went to "Slough Grammar" (as "Slough Comprehensive" used to be known, when I was going to the original and best Slough Grammar).

Sadly, one of the nicest and most impressive toffs I ever knew has just died. Sir Nigel Mobbs (Marlborough and Christ Church) ran Slough Estates and a good many other things besides (including for us Tories). He was a pleasure to be with, even when he was cuffing you round the head. He will be greatly missed.


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