Sunday, October 02, 2005

They Just Don't Want Him, My Lord

Lord Howe has warned Tory MPs it would be a "catastrophic misjudgement" not to vote leadership contender Ken Clarke through to the final membership ballot:

"The country expects him to be one of the people in the last two. I think we'd be discarding our best card. We simply can't afford to do that."

It's toe-tinglingly ironic, is it not, that most of our grandees were initially all in favour of changing the leadership rules, in order, they said, that Tory MPs should never again have to be led by someone who had been "imposed on them" by the out-of-touch membership. (Yes, yes- we know some of you think the real reason was to keep out DD, but we'll let that pass).

And yet now the wisdom among our elders and betters is the exact opposite: please you MPs, swallow your own misgivings and let the members impose Ken on you. For the sake of the Party, and- no doubt- the sake of Britain.

The fact is, my Lord, that the vast majority of MPs simply don't want him. He's got just 18 declared supporters, which is even fewer than his pre-vote numbers last time.

Think about it. If you get your way, Ken will be leading a very grumpy and fractious band of MPs who feel no particular loyalty to him. And we all know where that leads.

Bastards MkII with knobs on. Is that what you want? Cos that's what you're going to get.


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