Friday, October 21, 2005

Sun Has Got His Thinking Cap On

It seems everyone's at it. Trevor Kavanagh joins those asking what DC actually stands for, and sets out the the Sun's policy questions:

'Mr Cameron must spell out precisely what he intends to do on:

REFORMING PUBLIC SERVICES: Does he intend to cut the bloated payroll which has grown by hundreds of thousands under Labour?

TAX CUTS: Where will he wield the axe to deliver the growth he needs to fund health and education?

LAW AND ORDER: Sun readers will want to know how he intends to cut violent crime and make the streets safe.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS: How tough will he be on those who have been brought to Britain by crime gangs?

EUROPE: How does he plan to stop Brussels — and unelected European Court judges — running Britain?'

He doesn't ask the same questions of DD- presumably because he's very happy with the Davis line.

We're also interested in at least some of his questions. But in the crucial area of public service reform and public finances, they neatly illustrate how far we are from getting across to the mainstream media the nature of the new agenda.

Reform is not simply a question of axing public sector jobs and cutting taxes. The real issues are how we introduce consumer choice and competition in order to drive improvement, while at the same time having proper safeguards for the most vulnerable in society.

We'll look at this over the next week or so.


Blogger DV said...

Listening to "Dave" C on the radio earlier, I heard him explain that he would spend MORE on public services than Labour does. I think this is telling - it demonstrates his "One Nation" vision is nothing less than liberalism.

3:35 PM  

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