Thursday, October 13, 2005

Standing Tall

It's a brutal business, politics. And effective leadership involves balancing personal loyalty against the imperative of getting the job done. We all admire the kind of personal loyalty DD seems to have demonstrated throughout his life, but leadership makes some very tough demands.

Following his mauling at the hands of the political media, the talk over the last week has been how DD has had to "reshuffle" his team, and in particular appoint some more media friendly spokespeople. It may not have been quite the hanging of Bardolph, but it's the same general idea.

The new team is already hard at work, and hopefully will be able to ensure a better reception for tomorrow's speech in Bradford than he got last week in Blackpool.

And this time he will focus in on his core message. Forget anti-terrorism, or more prisons- important though they are. His core proposition is that he will stand up for the poorest and most vulnerable in society who have been most let down by state failure. Tony may have been too weak to push through reform: Davis most assuredly will not be.


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