Monday, October 17, 2005

So The Drugs Would Work...Against Us

As we've posted previously, we're not at all bothered if DC dabbled in substances at Uni. We're pretty cool cats, and this is 2005 after all. We've all got to get a bit with it, Daddy-o.

But it turns out that voters are actually rather less relaxed. An ICM poll for the strongly pro-Cameron Newsnight finds that fully 27% of those who have voted Tory or would consider doing so, would be put off if our leader had ever snorted coke. And 11% would be put off even if it was only a few spliffs.

No wonder he wouldn't tell.

PS We'll be very interested to see how Newsnight reports this. Our guess is that they'll emphasise the majority of Tory voters who said it doesn't matter, rather than the 27% we might well lose. It will be a story of good news for DC, rather than bad news for the party.


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