Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Right Argument- Wrong Conclusion

I've got a lot of time for Anatole Kaletsky. His insightful articles have long been worth reading and thinking about.

His piece on the leadership is true to form:

'A strategy based on simply renewing the leader and then avoiding controversy is nothing more nor less than what the Tories have been doing throughout this decade: a strategy of waiting for the Labour Government to self-destruct. It may be true that Mr Blair won by being nice and modern and promising to preserve many Tory policies, but that was only because the Tories self-destructed under John Major. The question is whether Labour will offer the Conservatives a similar opportunity in the next few years.

The prospect of a serious crisis or Labour self-destruction seems unlikely in the next four years, so the Tories will have to offer an alternative programme for government that is fundamentally different from new Labour to have any chance of success. To produce that programme, the new leader will have to do more than ooze charm and avoid controversy. He will have to offer a genuine alternative — of small government, low taxes and personal responsibility for everything from nursery education to pensions.'

We agree with all that, so presumably he supports DD, or at the least, Doc. Er, no:

'David Davis may have a better strategic vision and a clearer understanding of many policies than Mr Cameron (that, to be frank, was how the two candidates struck me when I met them a few months ago), but the willingness of elements on the Tory Right to try to exploit the drugs issue shows them totally unfit for office — not just on grounds of principle, but of sheer stupidity too. '


Look, either I'm losing my grip, or Anatole is. Why would you not support the guy who has the better strategic vision etc, just because some other guys who happen to be right-wing Tories, may have had problems with this drugs issue?

It's not logical Captain.


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